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It’s been more than 2 years since I quit blogging. The last time it was just me basically venting about everything that I wanted to scream out to a little gadget.

This time.


Probably the same.

Except that maybe this time I have a novel of my own and hence something more substantial to interact with the readers about. This time it’s more about you, the reader, than it is about me. It’s going to be about everything that I have to contribute and everything I can learn from you in return. It’s less of ranting and more of opening my mind to things I hadn’t experienced before by connecting with an audience.

This will be a blog for change, evolution, growth, falling on your faces a lot, and getting up all shameless and facing the world anyway, like a true warrior.

Okay, maybe not “warrior”. But you get the point.

If you’re still kinda confused about where this is going, check my book out – I Like Sunflowers – and maybe that’ll give you an idea of the kind of nonsense I’m usually intrigued to write about.
Also, since I mentioned that I am open to change here from now, even if I’m not your kind stick around longer so that we can exchange a little of our personalities along the way.

‘Cause isn’t that how people grow?

By seeping into each other’s souls, no matter how distinct they are from each other, and bringing the world one step closer to accepting “different” as a compliment rather than something to be ashamed of.

Let’s see where this blog goes.

Peace out.

Me trying to be interactive –

When did you start blogging? Why did you? Did it change your life in any way? Tell me about it in the comment section. 

6 thoughts on “Back to Blogging

  1. Thanks for the follow my new blogging friend. Keep on blogging.

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  2. My questions to you….,

    1. Writing a blog gives the blogger, sharing space to post his/her thoughts freely, choose to receive comments and likes… one of the fastest tool on the social media…….So what is more important to you as you write your content to . ……………. a) complex or simple,…………. b)quality over quantity, ………………… 3) bold or shy when confronted by taboo words one would avoid to use, d) be versatile or stick and choose topic you like…… ………….and why; in short what inspires you to write?
    2. Do the posts you make on your blog affect or influence your future writes according to the response you get from your readers and how you manage and deal their negative influences ?
    3. When you fall in love with something you have written to posted and it fails to get the desired reaction … or … you get a wow! for something you yourself fail to like….what would be your emotional condition… towards those who critique on your blog posts?
    4. Would a picture, song, movie or wit influence you to write about your feelings and then share them on your blog?
    5. Do you think words can create magic from the use of metaphors when different people respond separately according to their intellect and why?
    6. Extremely proficient writers give you a chance to read and learn from their format and style … would you experiment or stick to your own structure?
    7. Would you go that extra mile to credit the true copyright owner of any materiel you use in support of your write on your blog and why?
    8. On consistency and staying committed…If asked what would be your score from one to ten if you had to rate your blog and why?
    9. How would you feel if one fine morning you discover your blog has been disabled and you cannot interact with people who read your blog?
    10. What does success as a blogger mean to you and why?
    11. Any place you would love to keep visiting again and again and why?

    Bonus Question…..
    Post or link the best picture or digital image you have taken or like from the net and why you find it so unique?

    Feel free to wiggle out from answering by saying “No Comments” or “Not Applicable”


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    1. Wow. This is way too long for me to answer to. But they’re good questions. I appreciate the effort. 😊

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      1. Next time you blog think of them to get a greater insite why you should blog.
        No need to reply as I wanted to creat an awareness in peopl who blog like me!

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      2. Thanks, I’ll surely keep this in mind. :”)

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