Answer My (Weird) Questions #3

Are You Desperately Looking for a Life?

My Answer:

Lol. Me too.

Leave your answers in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “Answer My (Weird) Questions #3

  1. Same here xD I need to get a life!

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  2. No, I am not looking for a life. I am looking for life.


    1. I am in love with this answer 😍❤

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  3. I’m 46 years old. My life is what it is. LOL

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  4. my life found me though i still keep thinking i can hide from it.

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  5. No. My life is as damn near perfect as I reckon it can be and a far sight more perfect than I deserve.

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  6. S@#t! I did’nt know it was lost ….

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  7. I dont even know the purpose of life.. Why will I look for it.. I am actually looking for its purpose..

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