Diary of a CTTTGU

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Dear Stranger,

Let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

So, who is this “Almandyne”?

To be precise, Almandyne is a very short 20 year old human being who likes human stories better than human biology, and yet is somehow stuck in med school.

Yeah, I feel bad for her too.


Go on and explore her website to know more about her miserable life as a writer, and the novels, and screenplays, and boring blog posts, she manages to write in the midst of all the obnoxious people who are constantly trying to persuade her into becoming a doctor.

Lol. Can you even imagine Almandyne becoming a doctor? I can’t.

Okay, I should stop describing myself in third person now.

Note – All posts on this website are written for entertainment purposes only. No post – fiction or non-fiction – is intended to hurt anybody’s beliefs or feelings. It’s just my opinion on random things. My side of the story. I suggest you see it the same way and move on without planning on taking revenge by setting a foot-hold trap for me just to secretly put me in a cardboard box and ship me to North Korea in the middle of the night.

Did I just say foot-hold trap?


Follow me on Twitter (@RealAlmandyne) to read more such random twisted thoughts that make no sense to nobody. Or drop by my Instagram account (@real._.almandyne) to scroll through the visual representation of my awkwardness.

Peace out.


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